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FREE VR Goggles w/ Full Memberships (US & CAN only, Trials Excluded)
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What our valued members are saying...

Holy shit. Everything about Bailey is fucking amazing here. Amazing. If I were to say all the amazing things, I'd run out of bits - there aren't enough zeroes and ones in the whole internet to do her justice. Dirty talk and breathiness and super hot demeanor and she's all over my body and oil and holy shit.

- prnlvr on 'Full Body Bailey', WankzVR Forums

"Great fucking job. It was almost impossible to get through this scene without busting a nut early. What a HOT scene this was! And holy shit - this girl..."

- Vrgoodguy, on 'Strokémon Go', /r/oculusnsfw

"That year subscription is really starting to pay off now. A-tier girls and good quality camera work = top in class. If Wankz can get Lexi Belle in for a scene then there's really no reason for me to not sub for another year."

- Uthscsamd, on 'Private Tutor', /r/oculusnsfw

"This is the best VR scene I've ever seen. Perfect scale, camera angles, no distortion, effective 3d, clear smooth image. And that's just from a technical standpoint."

- sircraftyhands, on 'Backdoor Picnic', /r/oculusnsfw

"WankzVR is really building a reputation as a good studio for setup scenes. Most studios release "skip to the good part" videos, but Wankz keeps me watching through the whole thing. It's a mix of good acting from the models and good direction by the studio, and so far it's working well."

- DBRift, on 'Fuck My Mom & Me', /r/oculusnsfw

"WankzVR is also one of the few studios that releases 2 scenes a week. The others are all 1 release a week only. You are literally getting double the content from WankzVR."

- bbasara007, /r/oculusnsfw

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